Canyoning in Israel the most beautiful sport in nature

The sport of canyoning is a very popular  activtiy all The world 

What is the  canyoning sport ?

Canyoning is exploring the Canyon and going down trough it using the technic of ropes what is known as rapelling entering a Canyon who is only accessible is very exciting and challenging as well  obviously it requires skills of using the rapelling gear or services of some one who knows how to use ropes there is no activity in nature that can be compared to the exitment and the thrill that the Canyon are giving to the people who are rapelling trough them the activity is going like that  the group enter the Canyon and start going down drop after a drop along the Canyon in every rapell we need to stop set up the ropes again every time we arrive to next rapell every Canyon is a different story Canyon are very much different from each other some Canyon are short and have only 1/2 rapells to go down and some have 50 rapell before coming out  of it some have small rapel and some have giant rapell some are deep and narrow some are wide some have running water in them and some are dry there are ka

there are Canyon you need to swim across many pools and use dry suit like divers a specially in the uropian Canyon that have cold running water trough them in some of them there are warm running water like the Canyons in jurdan some of the most amazing Canyon are completely dark during day time since they are so deep and narrow that there is no day lights in them and we  must use flash light to move forward through them

In Israel there are 5 Canyon in the judian dezert along the dead sea and another one in the northern part of israel in the Golan hights. The southern Canyon are dry exept 1 of them the raahaf Canyon near matzada south of the dead sea that this Canyon contains flood water in some years it is dry since there are no floods running and filling it the other Canyon in the south are qumran wich attracts a lot of turist since of the dead sea sqrolls the were find in a cave in the canyon a friendly and easy Canyon for familys who are looking for a easy Canyoning experience the next one is tmarim Canyon wich is much harder and longer then qumran and right after south there is the tur Canyon wich have easy access to it but giant drops  (the biggest is 300 ft ) this Canyon in the south are good for all year round exept the summer when temperature are very high at the southern part of israel  for the summer season we have the northern Canyon known as the black Canyon or hanakik hashachor in Hebrew the nicest atraction israel can offer in the hot season rapelling through a magnificent Canyon with running fresh water swimming pool across many times along the course that helps you to brake down the heat the black Canyon is close during winter since the temperature of the water is very low and the stream is to strong  it is also limited to 100 ppl per day and it is very popular there for require pre resarvation if you want to rapell it

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