Jeep Tour in Southern Israel

Jeep tour in Southern Israel

The idea of doing a jeep tour is covering a large piece of land with in a short time with need to be in good shape or worrying about the limitations that different ages creates when touring together.

Many tourists tend to think that jeeping in the southern of Israel must be bounded with a long trip to get to see the desert.

One of the most amazing things about Israel is its versatility. The entire length of Israel from north to south is 505 km (310 miles) and less than 150  kilometers from east to west. Despite it being such a tiny land, Israel has all climate types in the world except arctic and tropical (we do have sub arctic and sub tropical). For example, the capital of Israel – Jerusalem, lies on a mountain between the middaterenian to the dead sea. The altitude of Jerusalem is 800 m( 2600 ft) above sea level while the dead sea the lowest place on earth lies in the altitude of 430 m (1350 ft) below the sea level in less than 35 minutes.

We can travel from Jerusalem and arrive at the dead sea and take a jeep tour in the southern part of Israel. In only 25 minutes the climate changes dramatically. The altitude drops 4000 ft as well as the air pressure increases very much at the Dead Sea area, not to mention the view that completely changed fro green to brown and yellow.

2 more things we will be able to see and feel is the temperature rising (there is  a 10 Celsius different between Jerusalem and the dea sea) and the air becoming very dry. The right season to do jeeping in the southern part of Israel is from mid October to the end of May. In this season you can experience pleasant weather during most of the days, especially during the harsh winter season (December to March) the weather can be beautiful. Do not expect to see many animals since it is the desert.

The most common animals we can meet are the ibexes, a species of a desert antelope sometimes we can encounter foxes and eagles as well. But the main highlight is the scenery- a breath taking view of the dramatic scenery of the desert and the sharp cliffs and mountains. During the right season we can also get out of the jeep and take some short hikes as part of the jeep tour, and get a chance to see and experience the land from a closer perspective, without the jeep windows inbetween.

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