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Rappelling in Israel - No fear no thrill

The reason for this question is that they are not interested in dealing with the fear or trying to get confidence from the instructor. I always give the true, and the true answer is, “yes that it is a scary activity but it is scary it’s still safe, and fun activity”.

Rappelling in Israel is Fun

What is more important is that I explain to them that if this would be boring activity they would not be interested in doing it .people come to do this activity because it is scary the fear is the father of the thrill the fear makes it exciting it is impossible to detach the thrill the fun and the excitement from the fear the scarier it is the more thrill and excitement you get out of it just like they say no pain no gain in the same way I say “No fear no thrill”.

The writer of this article is Itamar Dardik who work in extreme sports activity since 1992   For more information aboutrappelling in Israel, hiking in Israel and other activities: +972-522-300-306

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