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Reasons to do rappelling in Israel

Once we find ourselves away from our familiar environment we feel the different gravity is not forcing us anymore to be on the ground in the air we feel completely different emotions since our body is not used to this environment.

This is the reason for the strong emotions of thrill existent and also underlining.

All The reasons to do rappelling in Israel

Another reason to do rappelling in Israel is seeing nature. Rappelling is allowing us to reach places we can’t without ropes this actually the sport of Canyoning in this super challenging activity we are entering a Canyon and rappelling through it drop by drop and seeing the beauty of the Canyon as we continue walking through it.

The most interesting formations in nature are created in Canyons watching how the Canyon very as we move forward in it is very special the Canyon can change in a few ways:

1. The highest the drops are very different from one to the other we can go down a small rappel and soon after a giant one and then another one that can be medium.

2. The shape of the drops Chan changes from one to the other some of them are narrow and some wide some you rappel along a straight wall all the way down and some it is a free suspension (not touching the wall) which creates a different sensation then rappelling in Israel along with a wall. 

3. Third reason to go rappelling in Israel is that this type of activity allows you and your family in most year-round to be either alone in the site or with very few people Israel is, after all, a very small country and some of the truism sites are packed since rappelling in Israel is not for everyone in most cases you can find the site with no one just your family /group this is obviously is upgrading this he experience. 

4. last reasons is the challenge after going through a Kanyon abdominal doing a challenging activity special if is a long one like Canyoning that you rappel a few times along the course (in some of the Canyons in Israel there are over 10 rapells in one of them it takes 2 days to complete the course) in the end you sense such a good feeling of achievement and you feel that you build something in yourself There are very few activity if any that makes you feel like that.

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