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Rappelling in Israel

Rappelling in Israel – the activity you want to have

The purpose of the activity is both enjoying. The thrill and the excitement on one side and seeing nature from a perspective you are unable to see without using ropes like the Canyons in the Judean desert that are inaccessible without ropes Canyon like Qumran at the north of the dead sea that in the full course of it there are 6 different rappels Canyon of tur at the north of Judean desert that have giant drops along the (course 300 ft the biggest ) or the Kolonel cave an amazing salt cave at Mount sedum in the south of the dead sea.

A cave that has only 1 giant rappel but a beautiful experience of exploring. The cave for around 1.2 hours after the rappelling in Israel a cave that has very unique salt stalagmites and other beautiful salt formations.

The northern sites the black Canyon is known also as the black gorge or it Hebrew names “ha’nakik hashachor” consider to be the most amazing site to rappelling in Israel while the southern sites are suitable for winter (November to may).

Rappelling in all seasons

Since the summer is extremely hot in the south of Israel the black Canyon is excellent for the summer it is a combination of rappelling trough active waterfalls hiking through amazing Green Canyon. swimming in many pools along the course and having a very exciting thrilling and refreshing experience even on the hottest day.

During the Israeli summer you can find it refreshing and fun there are also some short site with each rappelling in Israel for family’s who are not interested or not able physically to do a long and strengthening course for this family’s /group’s we have sites like “meaart Keshet” (Keshet cave) in the western Galilee north of Israel.

The most spectacular views and rappelling site in Israel or the “shilat” cliff near “mode’en”. In the center of Israel, a site that allows rappelling in Israel rock climbing and zip line and a few other short sites in Israel.

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