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Rappelling in Israel – Nachal Kumran

Rappelling in Israel - Nachal Kumran

The route starts at the Kumran parking lot. From there it takes about ten minutes to reach the first rappelling area. After walking there is a possibility to enjoy rappelling in Israel in the lower part where there are three waterfalls at heights 40, 3, 28 meters (131, 10, 98 Pit). This section is suitable for groups and families who are ready to face the challenge and enjoy active activities. At the top of the stream there are also three waterfalls at identical heights and it they suitable for those looking for a lighter rappelling experience.

The view from Nahal Kumran

The view of Nahal Kumran is a desert landscape and the surfing experience the amazing view along with exciting challenge. From the cliffs you can look out onto the horizon and enjoy a breathtaking desert view, which makes the experience powerful. Groups and families combine rappelling in Israel as part of their trip, in order to see everything that Israel can offer, not only the beautiful central cities and the interesting holy places.

A trip through the Land of Israel passes between streams, waterfalls, desert and sea. Ashdot has been taking abseiling tours in Israel for more than twenty years, all with an English-speaking guide. We invite you to plan your Israeli experience, get in touch, ask questions and see what is the best travel for you and your group.

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