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Israel Extreme

Extreme in israel - day trip

Many families who trip to Israel are interested in doing something different than what they’ve done in the past. They are not interested in going to Masada or Ein Gedi again. Instead, they are looking to do fun, exciting and thrilling activities. This is especially true for families who stay in Jerusalem. We offer great day trips for families that include a little bit of everything: rappelling, climbing, hiking, jeeping and caving. The result is a fun-filled day without a moment of boredom. Our trips are thrilling and exciting but also provide a wealth of knowledge about the land and the history. Our day trips are the most popular as our many happy customers can tell you.


We have three main options for your trip to Israel:

Option 1 is in the northern part of Israel and is good in the summer and spring.

Option 2 is in the center of Israel for all year round.

Option 3 is in the Dead Sea area for all seasons except the summer when it is too hot.

The following is a description of what we do in option 3. First, we meet the family and pick them up after which we travel east downhill from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, the lowest place on Earth. We stop at the Lido junction to look out and understand the receding of the Dead Sea. Then comes rappelling at Qumran or Tmarim Canyon for the more athletic families or at the Mashash for families who are looking for an easier activity. Next is lunch as the rappelling can build up quite an appetite. We usually stop for lunch at the Ein Gedi Hot Springs where there is a nice, simple kosher restaurant. We then travel to the nearby Mount Sodom, a unique and majestic nature reserve where you will feel as if you’ve stepped into another world. There we do the jeep tour which is considered the most beautiful jeep tour in Israel. Throughout the jeep tour we stop to see the sites and learn about this unique mountain which is made of salt. We also take a short and beautiful hike to see the mountain from a point which is inaccessible by jeep.

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Extreme, Jeeping and rappelling in israel
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Extreme, Jeeping and rappelling in israel
סנפלינג בצפון
Extreme, Jeeping and rappelling in israel
IMG 20160805 WA0007 480x480 - Day Trip
Extreme, Jeeping and rappelling in israel
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