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JEEP Tour in mount sedom

JEEP Tour in mount sedom

The idea of doing a JEEP Tour is covering a large piece of land with in a very short time . What would need a few days can be done in just a few hours with a 4×4. There are many different JEEP trails in Israel from the north down to eilat.

some more interesting and some less some are going trough a very tough train and some are easy some have more scenery and some less Mount sedom is no doubt the most interesting and also the nicest JEEP Tour in Israel .

Mount sedom lies near the south dead sea and provide a very unique scenery with s very nice JEEP Tour and very soft train competing to most other JEEP Tours who are way more bumpy . Mount sedom is actually a gigantic crystal of salt 8 kilometers long the shape of the mountain is also very unique it looks like a long hotdog and it is very flat . One of the most interesting facts about mount sedom is that it the only mountain in the world that the peak of it lies under sea level. From bottom to top the entire hight of the mountain is little less then 200 meters (600) ft .

As part of the JEEP Tour the mountain offers a few short and gorgeous hikes that allows us to stretch and the kids to run freely on the small sand dunes. The right season to visit mount sedom is between November to May. in other seasons it’s very hot and not recommended. But in the right season you can enjoy an amazing experience with the most beautiful scenery in Israel

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