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Fun things to do near Jerusalem

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Fun things to do near Jerusalem

Many families who are coming to vication in  Israel are staying in hotels or apartans in the city are looking for fun activities and thing to  do near Jerusalem with out spending long time in traveling to  far location such as the Golan heights or the ramon crater.

Ashdot company offers a variety of fun and thrilling activities near Jerusalem from easy and relaxing jeep tour in the mountains of Jerusalem or at the judean hills to challenging and EXTREME rappelling courses that are suitable for families who are athletic and looking for a thrilling activity that would like to challenge their limits. Also we provide caving activities hiking in courses that are less familiar such as the canyon of wadi og  that lies at the north of the judean desert, only 30 minutes east of Jerusalem, a beautiful and short hike in a  deep and polished canyon (polished from the power of the flood s that runs through it in the winter) this hike can be combined withe  jeep tour in the area as well as a visit to the date trees orchards that lies right next to the canyon and understanding how the dates are been picked up. more option near by ard rappelling at  qurman  canyon  and listening to the story of the easieem  who wrote the dead sea scrolls  or swimming in the dead sea.

Another non familiar site is wadi kelt that have springs and cool water pools that allows us to chill in the heat of the desert only 20/30 minutes away from Jerusalem wadi kelt can be combined with jeeping in the area or with rappelling/climbing at the canyon.  On the southern side of the city we offer similar activities of rappelling hiking jeeping and also caving in some of the caves there is no necessity of ropes only flashlights and understanding we need to crawl and squeeze our self trough parts of the cave  that are very narrow  as we hear the heroic story of the woriere of bar cocva nearly 2000 years ago and in some of the caves we will rappell in to  them and then crawl and walk out through it using flashlights.

If you are looking  for a more touristsy cave that will keep your clothes clean and want make you crawl  wd can offer the stalagmites cave near beit shemes an amazing cave with lots of beautiful stalagmites and stalegtites.  One of the sites in the western side of Jerusalem for example is the shilat cliff near the city modeen only 30 minutes away from the city in this site we can enjoy rappelling climbing and even thrilling and exciting zip line that allows us to operate many attractions at the same time and allow big groups such as bar mitzvahs to enjoy  a few beautiful and challenging activities at the same time .

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