Rappelling in South Israel

Our range of challenging activities includes: cliff surfing, omega, abseiling trips in streams, jeep trips, surfing and climbing courses, ODT, challenging Bar/Bat Mitzvah trips, social activities, training days, and a rope park and meals in the field.

The variety of activities is intended for groups, families, employee committees, companies, schools and anyone looking for a challenging and fun trip.

A canyon with more than four 50-meter cliffs. The recommended season for rappelling in Israel in this site: all year except

A beautiful canyon in the South Judean Desert that features two trails for rappelling in Israel. The long trail boasts

Nahal Tamar is located in the south of the Dead Sea. It is suitable for a trip all year round and is also suitable for beginners or groups who want to enjoy the challenge but do not want to start with too difficult a challenge.

The rugged terrain and dramatic rock formations are ethereal in the moonlight. Every step of your descent is accompanied by the mesmerizing play of light and shadow, creating an exciting and surreal atmosphere.

A suitable and convenient season for a trip to the Judean Desert region is, without a doubt, the winter. Of course, you should check the weather to avoid the risk of floods. But in an average year, there are very few days with a risk of flooding

Jeeping in Machtesh Ramon - Imagine the thrill of navigating through the majestic landscape of Israel’s Negev Desert, discovering unique geological formations, and uncovering ancient trade routes

Nahal Kumran is one of the most attractive and touristy streams for groups of families interested in a challenging experience of cliff surfing. The reasons that Nahal Kumran is very attractive to surfers is its location. The Qumran stream is the northernmost stream in the Judean desert and the closest to the center of the country.

Nahal Tor A canyon in the Judean Desert with more than three 70-meter cliffs; advised for those with the previous rappelling in Israel or

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