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Everything you wanted to know before going on an extreme activity
The guides have been trained as rapples guides by government schools and the travelers are insured with special insurance in the activity
No previous experience is necessary, but of course, previous experience makes it easier for surfers. There are routes for beginners and advanced, so we adapt the trip to the crowd of participants and the level of fitness and experience. In any case, if you want to improve your skills, you can sign up for a climbing and abseiling course, a 3-day course, at the end of which you can enjoy the experience and go on more trips.
Every person naturally has a fear of heights for some more and for some less it is part of the experience. There are people who get better and some who don’t. There are no people without fear of heights, in a conversation we can find out with you about a suitable route so we can address the fear gradually.
There are abseiling routes that are more suitable for children aged 7-8 and low cliffs, such as abseiling at Makhtesh Ramon or abseiling at Dalton Cliff, etc. In any case, if the child does not object, it is always possible for him to descend in tandem (connected to someone else) and enjoy the experience without having to do anything himself. In most cases, we go to the activities of families with small and large children who enjoy the whole attraction.
A medic comes at the request of the group or they bring him regardless of us.
In any abseiling activity, it is very important to pay attention to the weather conditions, there are cases of floods in the streams, there are cases of dehydration, therefore it is very important to go on such a challenging trip with a professional abseiling guide, the guide has all the tools and training to decide if this or that trip is suitable and when is the best time to go on such an activity.
The ratio of guides to trainees is not a fixed factor, but usually it is a guide for 10. When there is a site with a single surf such as the ” Keshet Cave” it is possible to work with a higher ratio, but this causes longer waits and a delay in the activity. When it comes to crossing a river such as Nahal Qumran or Nahal Tamar, a lower ratio of trainees is needed, such as one guide for every 7 surfers. If the group has a budget, it is recommended to improve the ratio of the guide to every 5 or 6 surfers, which shortens The waiting accelerates the progress of the group and enhances the experience. The trip is custom built according to the number of participants, the level of fitness and experience, the budget, etc. We know how to provide a solution for every situation and every requirement.
The ODT activity is a formation activity for groups interested in a group experience that develops communication and builds leadership and cooperation. In the process, creating assignments that require the assignment manager “and soldiers” to accomplish the goal. It is a type of training or activity that takes place outside the home, often in nature. OTD activities can be very diverse. OTD activities can benefit people in a variety of ways. They can help improve physical fitness, mental fitness, self-confidence, teamwork and leadership. They can also help people get out of their comfort zone, try new things, and develop new skills. If you are looking for a way to add some interest and challenge to your life, a challenging OTD activity can be an excellent choice for you and integrate wonderfully with abseiling, omegas, and more. At Ashdot, we will make sure to adjust the appropriate activity so that everyone can enjoy it.
You can plan a customized day for families or groups interested in fun days with several components such as abseiling, jeeps, ODT, a meal in the Via Parta area and a wide variety of extreme activities. All activities are planned according to time, capacity, budget and the ambitions of the group.
At Ashdot we mainly take out private trips, the trips are suitable for families, both in a small group and in larger ones such as a Bar Mitzvah or a challenging Bat Mitzvah. We adapt the trip to the participants so that everyone will ultimately enjoy it, both children and adults, this is the essence of a private trip.
The only abseiling route in Israel that is accessible and you can reach the cliff with a wheelchair is the Keshet Cave located in the Western Galilee. We had the pleasure of allowing surfing for an IDF veteran with a wheelchair, the experience was amazing and exciting.
Cancellation conditions for an activity at Ashdot: You can cancel up to 4 days before the activity without cancellation fees, cancellation made 3 days before the activity 25%, cancellation made 2 days before 50% day. The day before the activity 75%, cancellation on the same day of the activity 100% for cancellation fees. In order to plan the activity perfectly, we make commitments to different suppliers, at the different sites, therefore it is of the utmost importance to avoid cancellations, of course with the exception of exceptional cases due to a weather problem or a security problem.
Payment for the activity is made after the activity in cash, check or bank transfer (not by visa). Each activity is priced according to the planning of the activity, the number of people, the sites, etc. Therefore, to get a price you will have to contact us and we will be happy to provide information that will allow you to plan the trip in a smart and useful way.
Before going on a abseiling trip, you should check several important things: Is the season suitable for abseiling at this site, opening and closing hours of the site, is it necessary to register in advance, comfortable clothing, comfortable and good shoes that hold the ankle, comfortable clothes, drink a respectable amount that will fit (a very challenging activity, you will want to drink as much as possible) reduce your backpack to the maximum, safety equipment that is suitable for the activity, a hat, check if it is mandatory to know how to swim, what level of experience is needed in surfing at this place. For example Nahal Hatzun is for particularly tough hikers. And most importantly go on a trip with a professional guide, you are welcome to call us and we will be happy to give you the relevant information for your activity.
Our trips are designed for a day of activity at the various sites and do not include accommodation.
In the abseiling activity, we take care of safety equipment for you, in case you later want to purchase abseiling equipment such as harnesses, ropes, helmets and more. You can purchase abseiling equipment online in our store, we will be happy to recommend you safety products that are suitable for the activity. There is a large selection of equipment, so you should make a purchase in a place that can answer your every requirement.

Exciting photos from an abseiling trip with a wheelchair!

A particularly exciting case, we were able to make a wounded IDF man happy who turned into a plant

In 2019, the Ashdot Company was contacted by the Ahaim Ahaim Association with the request of the most seriously wounded soldier from the Second Lebanon War, a fighter who had become paralyzed but communicated with the help of a  computer with finger presses and said that he asked to abseil.
We recommended the Arch Cave because there is a wheelchair-accessible path to the gliding point, and from there, we carried it in our hands and connected to the ropes together with another guide when there is another guide a little above them to help. The guide next to the wounded man carried a small backpack, as you will see in the pictures, inside which was a portable ventilator that was connected to the wounded man. A team of guides that stays up on the arch itself will use the ropes to hang the guy connected with another guide to the middle of the height of the arch. He and the guide stayed at the height of the middle of the arch for about 3 minutes, and then the team of guides began to pull them back to the height of the arch itself. After about five more minutes, they returned to the arch.
After that, we also received a short letter of about ten words describing the experience he had, a letter that he dictated to his helper with the help of his fingers in the way he conveyed messages to her. It was very exciting, and we were all happy to contribute to his experience.

The Ashdot team knows how to provide a solution for every case, whether it is children, adults, beginners or professionals, small or large groups. Leave details and together we will plan your trip.

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The company "Ashdot - Rappelling and Challenge Tours in Israel" has been engaged in the field of adventure sports for over 25 years, starting in 1991. The company deals in extreme sports and manages a store for the sale of abseiling equipment.

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