Mt. Sedom and Nahal Sedom

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טיול ג'יפים הר סדום נחל פרצים

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Jeep tours Mt. Sedom and Nahal Sedom

The Perzim Stream and Nahal Sodom are located in the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea. A jeeping in Israel in Nahal Sodom can be done throughout the year and the route is exciting. To the current trip you can also go out with children and youth who will certainly be excited to see the unique desert sights and enjoy the jeeping experience.

The Sights Expected During The Trip

The view that waits for you on the trip is a desert view combined with the charm of the Dead Sea, the lowest place in the world. The Jeep, along with the English-speaking tour guide, will take you into a challenging route and you may need to get out of the jeep from time to time to clear the way. Don’t worry, it’s an exciting part of the experience.

This trip is suitable throughout the year and is suitable for families who come to Israel and want to get to know the desert side of Israel. It is also suitable for families celebrating Bar Mitzvah and groups.

Jeep Trip On Mount Sodom Nahal Perzim
Jeep Trip On Mount Sodom Nahal Perzim

A Jeep Tour in Israel

Throughout the trip, we will stop to eat, drink, and in order to take pictures of the unique desert landscape. Many families choose to reach the desert because it has a contrast to other areas of Israel and because it is different sits from what they know.

If you have any doubt which trip is suitable for you in Israel, what kind of challenging activity you can combine and which destination is perfect for your jeeping in Israel, do not hesitate to call, and ask questions in English. For more details and reservations, call: + 972-522-300-306

Observations at Mount Sodom


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