Get Your Heart Racing with Breathtaking Bungee Jumping in Israel

Experience the exhilaration of bungee swing, an extreme activity where jumpers leap backward towards the ground, similar to bungee jumping. Enjoy thrilling tours with Ashdot!

extreme bungee jumping in Israel
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Before organizing your adventure, checking the weather forecast is advisable as severe weather conditions like heavy rain or strong winds may impact zip-lining activities.

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Bungee Jumping in Israel: An Overview

Bungee jumping in Israel takes excitement to new heights, offering adrenaline-filled experiences at incredible locations like Gesher Bnot Yaakov Bridge and bungee jumping at the Jordan River. These awe-inspiring jumping spots provide breathtaking views and unforgettable memories for thrill-seekers.

Adhering to precautions and requirements is paramount for safety during bungee jumping. Bungee jumping in Israel is open to everyone, promising a pulse-racing experience for all.

To fully immerse yourself in the excitement, consider joining a three-part tour that includes bungee jumping at the Jordan River, rock climbing, and rappelling at Dalton and Wonder Road. It’s the perfect combination of activities for a full day of adventure!

Swing Jumps: The Adrenaline-Pumping Alternative

Swing jumps, an alternative to traditional bungee jumping, offer a unique adrenaline spike. With a different method of jumping and rope arrangement, swing jumps offer a thrilling swinging motion following the initial free fall, similar to the sensation of a bungee jump.

Bungee swing is an extreme activity that is usually carried out by jumpers. It is an experience very similar in excitement to bungee jumping, but unlike bungee jumping, where you jump forward (as in a head jump), in swing, you jump backward, with your back towards the jump.

Watch the video Swing in the Jordan River.

The Mechanics of Swing Jumps

Swing jumps involve a distinct jumping technique compared to traditional bungee jumping. The rope setup used in swing jumps consists of a static rope or cable attached to the jumper’s harness and anchored to a fixed point, allowing the jumper to swing back and forth like a pendulum instead of bouncing back.

Jumpers can amplify the thrill of a swing jump by launching with a powerful backward swing, intensifying the swinging motion and injecting an extra dose of adrenaline into the experience.

In the bungee jump, where the jump is from the point of departure down in a straight line. In the swing jump, the jump line circles under the bridge while falling, and a swing is created. A swing jump is achieved by the fact that the ropes to which the jumper is attached pass from one side of the bridge and are pulled under it to the other side of the jumper. Since the jumper is attached to the ropes, there is initially a fall in a straight line downwards, but immediately when the jumper reaches the rope’s end. It can be said that the adrenaline level of this activity is higher than abseiling and is suitable for those who are ready for excitement.

A strong pendulum movement is created on the other side of the bridge, and this movement is getting weaker as a result of gravity. The wider the bridge, the stronger the movement of the pendulum.

Increasing the Thrill

Swing jump enthusiasts can experiment with different techniques to make the experience even more thrilling. By increasing the height or distance of the jump from a tall structure, maintaining a tall posture, and jumping off the swing at the farthest back point, jumpers can achieve a more balanced jumping force and a greater adrenaline rush.

The jumper can increase the movement by jumping with a strong backward swing. As you saw in the video, a soft swing jump can also be performed when, instead of a jump, a short slide is performed with a short rope that ends a few meters below the bridge.

At a certain point, the surfer leaves his hands from holding the surfing rope and falls into the swing, which reduces the intensity of the fall and the fear but also weakens the intensity of the experience and the movement of the pendulum.

Safety remains a top priority in adventure sports. Although there is no specific maximum height for swing jumps, adhering to guidelines and restrictions set by the swing jump operator is key to a safe and exciting experience.

Bungee jumping at the Jordan River

The Jordan River, a significant waterway in Israel, is another thrilling bungee jumping location. As one of the most important rivers in the region, it offers a unique backdrop for an adrenaline-pumping bungee jump. The river’s flow and the surrounding lush greenery add to the overall experience, making it a must-visit spot for bungee jumping enthusiasts.

Bungee jumping at Gesher Bnot Yaakov Bridge

Located next to the mesmerizing Dalton cliff, Gesher Bnot Yaakov Bridge is a treasured site for bungee jumping enthusiasts in Israel. You’ll be treated to spectacular views as you leap from the bridge. The Daughters of Jacob Bridge is a thrilling bungee jumping location in Israel with a rich historical significance. It has played an integral role in the region’s history, making it an important landmark.

The thrill continues! The area around the bridge also provides rock climbing and rappelling opportunities for those wanting more adventure.

To fully immerse yourself in the excitement, consider joining a three-part tour that includes bungee jumping at Daughters of Jacob Bridge, as well as rock climbing and rappelling at Dalton and Wonder Road. It’s the perfect combination of activities for a full day of adventure!

Jumping From Bridge Bungee Jumping
Jumping From Bridge Bungee Jumping

Essential Gear for the Ultimate Bungee Experience

It is highly recommended to use heavily padded harnesses or full-body harnesses, also with dynamic ropes and not static ropes, to soften the strength of the forces that the jumper will absorb.

The right gear is a prerequisite for a safe and enjoyable bungee jumping experience. Proper harnesses and correct types of rope are key to your safety during the leap.

Harnesses and Safety

Harnesses play a critical role in maintaining safety during bungee jumping. Heavily padded or full-body harnesses are recommended for maximum comfort and security. Some of the top-rated harnesses suitable for bungee jumping include the Trident Bungee Harness, VR Bungee Harness, and VR Full Body Bungee Trampoline Harness.

To enhance safety, consider the following features for bungee jumping:

  • Ankle harnesses
  • Robust tie-off structures
  • Adjustable straps for comfort
  • Routine maintenance and replacement of bungee cords

These elements contribute to a secure and thrilling bungee jumping experience.

Dynamic Ropes vs. Static Ropes

Understanding the differences between dynamic and static ropes is essential for bungee jumping. Dynamic ropes are designed to stretch and absorb the energy from a sudden load, providing a cushioning effect. Static ropes, however, do not stretch under heavy loads and lack the same level of shock absorption.

Dynamic ropes, the safer choice for bungee jumping, help to minimize the risk of injury from the impact. Their elastic nature eases the jump, reducing the strain on the jumper’s body.

extreme bungee jumping
Bungee Jumping (1)

Planning Your Bungee Jumping Trip to Israel

When organizing a bungee jumping trip to Israel, selecting a reliable Ashdot operator and securing your adventure in advance is key to a safe and memorable experience.

Adventure Sports Beyond Bungee Jumping with Ashdot extreme

Beyond bungee jumping, Israel offers a wide variety of adventure sports and Endless opportunities await thrill-seekers in this beautiful including sport-related activities such as:

  • Rock climbing
  • Rappelling
  • Zip-lining
  • Canyoning

For those seeking more adventure, Israel offers zip-lining for extreme experiences. Zip-lining involves riding a cable suspended between two points.

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To help you decide on the appropriate activity and answer all questions, we have also put together FAQs for people also ask. For any questions and clarification regarding the routes, please leave us details, and we will be happy to get back to you with additional information relevant to your group.

Yes, bungee jumping involves a thrilling free-falling experience followed by an exciting rebound!
Harnesses and rope are essential for a safe bungee jumping experience, so make sure you have the right gear before leaping! In Ashdot, we take care of the equipment that is necessary for this activity, so you don’t need to worry about that.
Bungee swing is an extreme activity that jumpers typically engage in. It provides an experience that is just as thrilling as bungee jumping, but with a slight difference. Unlike bungee jumping, where you jump facing forward (as in a head jump), bungee swing involves jumping backward, with your back towards the jump.
Safety remains a top priority in adventure sports. Although there is no specific maximum height for swing jumps, adhering to guidelines and restrictions set by the swing jump operator is key to a safe and exciting experience.
No, a bungee swing is not for everyone. The activity is not recommended for people with medical problems, people with a fear of heights and people with heart problems. If you are not sure if a bungee swing is right for you, it is recommended to consult a doctor or other professional.
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