Via Ferrata at Menara Cliff

we walk on the edge of the cliff in a rocky area while we are secured to a steel cable and the equipment we wear

Via Ferrata At Menara Cliff

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Via Ferrata at Menara Cliff, the most beautiful observation point in Israel

Location: Menara Cliff
Location in the app: Liar’s Cliff
Route length is about two hours, including briefing and wearing the equipment (assuming you don’t get stuck behind a large group or even a small group of those having difficulty)
Difficulty level: easy-medium
Suitable season: Manara cliffs can be hiked all year round, except after rain. You have to wait for the path to dry. Also, when it rains, there is a very tangible danger of slipping, especially during the descent.
Required equipment: helmet, harness, Via Ferrata kit, suitable hiking shoes, a small backpack for water, the amount of water depending on the outside temperature, usually no more than a liter per person.


Via Ferrata In Israel Menara Kiryat Shmona
Via Ferrata In Israel Menara Kiryat Shmona

Background on Via Ferrata activity in Manara cliffs and in general

Via Ferrata is the most common adventure sport in Europe in countries such as Italy, Spain, Andorra, Switzerland, Greece, and more. At the base of the activity, we walk on the edge of the cliff/mountain in a rocky area while we are secured to a steel cable and the equipment we wear. There are routes that last a whole week and more with high levels of difficulty, in which we will cover more than 1000 meters in one day with stunning views. In Israel, the branch is in its infancy. There are now routes of the Via Ferrata, one at Menara Cliff, which you will read about in this article; the second is the Via Ferrata in Gat Yanoh. The Via Ferrata in Gita Cliff and the third is the hardest and shortest of them all, the Via Ferrata in Abood. There is another Via Ferrata that is not open to the public and is inside Masada Reserve. More details about the Via Ferrata routes in Israel

Via Ferrata in Menara, here we start!

Menara Cliff Track The Convergence Stage

Meet at the parking lot, where we will receive a short briefing on what is expected of us. We will receive the professional equipment from the professional staff, who will also help us put on the equipment.

Menara Cliff The descent stage and viewing the landscape

We will start going down the path in an easterly direction between trees that will hide the view for us for about 3 minutes, after which we will reach a point where there is a fenced balcony, and the view opens up. The view that unfolds before us and especially below us is an impressive view of Kiryat Shmona, the Hula Valley, Mount Hermon, and the Golan Heights. On the horizon to the east, we will receive a short briefing on the landscape in front of us and continue a steeper descent than the one we passed, another 7/8 p⁰. Along the descent, there are many handrails and outposts to facilitate the execution; at the end of the descent, we meet at the entry point and the route of the end of the cable.

We start Hoya Prata in Menara – an ascent from section A along the cable.

At the starting point of Hoya Parta on Manara Cliff, we will receive a short explanation on how to use the equipment correctly and safely, and we will start the Hoya Parta route on Manara Cliff. Of course, after the descent, most of the route is uphill, partly steeper, partly less steep, and even level. We will cross two short, secure wooden bridges, which we will cross in a level direction.

Section B of the route – climbing Manara Cliff

Before we start this section, we can add to the experience a challenging and experiential climbing activity that will upgrade the activity and also extend the duration of the activity. At this point, there is the possibility of different climbing routes at levels ranging from very easy to the inexperienced and those with low ability to advance with a high level of difficulty.
If we did not perform a climbing activity, we would reconnect to the cable and climb another 20 meters in a very steep but not difficult section, thanks to many comfortable outposts. At the end of this section, we will find ourselves back on the balcony where we watched the view at the beginning of the descent phase.
Another small effort of 4 more minutes of easy and not very steep ascent will get us back to the parking lot.

So when did we schedule the Via Ferrata at Menara Cliff?

You are welcome to leave details in the form or call us, and we will be happy to plan a private fun day at Manara Cliff with the guides of Ashdot. The activity at Manara is suitable for families, groups, company formation days, and anyone who wants excitement as a group altogether! Call Itamar 052-2300306.

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Exciting pictures from the field


To help you decide on the appropriate activity and answer all questions, we have also put together FAQs for people also ask. For any questions and clarification regarding the routes, please leave us details, and we will be happy to get back to you with additional information relevant to your group.

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Recommended season: כל השנה למעט אחרי גשמים
Ages: מתאים לילדים ומבוגרים
Estimated time for activity: כשעתיים כולל תדריך ולבישת הציוד
Starting point: מתחילים בחניון
End point: מסיימים בחניון

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