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Highly recommended!!
We were a group of 13 people including children who went to Wadi Rahaf in the Judea Desert with Itamar and Eliyahu. Everything was perfect. Itamar is super professional and COOOOL!! He is very prudent on one hand, but since he is so experienced he could let those who wanted to test their limits and try some different things when it was safe to do so. Highly recommended!!

Daniel Didi


Full moon night rappelling
We had a wonderful night rappelling adventure with Itamar and Ravid at Wadi Tmarim (Dates Creek) near the Dead Sea. Everything was great. It was evident that Itamar and Ravid are very experienced. Safety was at least 200% every decent. Ravid was not only knowledgeable but also very inspiring and succeeded to turn the desert into a spiritual experience. Highly recommend



Wonderful morning rapelling
My two teenagers and I enjoyed a morning at Qumran rapelling down the cliffs. Itamar was friendly and made us all feel at ease and still kept it exciting for us. Would definitely recommend and use him again for another adventure!

Yuensub M

A group of travelers

A must experience with teenager.‬
‪Great rappelling with Itamar and his team! We mer at the Ramon Crater visitor center and he took time to go over the safety rules with us. Everything was taken in time, no rushing or anything. We felt very safe and confident with him. We all had two go’s and my 14year old son absolutely loved it. We will definitely go back to.Itamar for another adventure! Thank you for a memorable day!‬

Noey T

A group of travelers

Incredible repelling and more…‬
‪It was a truly magnificent experience. I went during my first time in Israel and it was probably the best decision of my life. Our guide, Itamar, is an incredibly intellectual person and taught us new things wherever we went. We repelled off cliffs, went hiking, went through caves, and we went Jeeping through mountains. It was overall an unbelievably great experience, a day I will never forget.‬

Ari T

A group of travelers

‪Awesome day repelling and keeping on Mount Sedon‬
‪We had an absolutely phenomenal day with Itamar. He took us for an awesome tour of the Mount Sedom in his jeep, he was extremely knowledgeable about all of the historical aspects of the views, described the incredible views of the Dead Sea and the history of it, and was a master driver. He even let me drive the car! Itamar also took us to repel down a 150 ft mountain, made us feel exceptionally comfortable despite our fears, and gave us a wonderful all around time. Highly recommend Itamar!

In a particularly exciting case, we were able to make a wounded IDF man happy who turned paralyzed.

In 2019, the Ashdot Company was contacted by the Ahaim Ahaim Association at the request of the most severely wounded IDF soldier from the Second Lebanon War, a fighter who became paralyzed but communicated with the help of a computer with finger presses and asked to abseil. We recommended the Keshet Cave. After the activity, we received a short letter of about ten words describing the experience he had, a letter that he dictated to his helper using his fingers. It was very exciting. Are you curious how it worked? Click here

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