Extreme activities in Israel

Our range of challenging activities includes: cliff surfing, omega, abseiling trips in streams, jeep trips, surfing and climbing courses, ODT, challenging Bar/Bat Mitzvah trips, social activities, training days, and a rope park and meals in the field.

The variety of activities is intended for groups, families, employee committees, companies, schools and anyone looking for a challenging and fun trip.

If you are looking for a fun and unique outdoor experience for the whole family, you should consider a trip to Shilat Cliff! It is the perfect spot for a day trip as it is easily accessible from Jerusalem

A canyon with more than four 50-meter cliffs. The recommended season for rappelling in Israel in this site: all year except

Exploring the Canyon and going down through it using the technic of ropes No activity in nature can be compared to the excitement and the thrill that the Canyon gives to the people who are rappelling through them the action is going like when the group enters the Canyon and start going down drop after drop along the Canyon

Company “Ashdot – Rappelling and Challenge Tours in Israel” offers exciting Zipline tours, rappelling, and other challenges. Reach new heights with professional equipment, a secure environment providing utmost safety and an adrenaline-filled experience.

A beautiful canyon in the South Judean Desert that features two trails for rappelling in Israel. The long trail boasts

Imagine standing on the edge of a cliff, harness secured and adrenaline pumping as you prepare to rappel down the majestic walls of the Ramon Crater. Welcome to Ramon Crater, where adventure and natural beauty collide in an unforgettable experience

Via Ferrata from the Gita Cliffs is considered a more challenging route than the Menara Cliff. Also, the course route is very horizontal compared to the one on the Menara Cliff, where we go down a steep descent and then climb it on the Via Ferrata route.

we walk on the edge of the cliff in a rocky area while we are secured to a steel cable and the equipment we wear

Nahal Tamar is located in the south of the Dead Sea. It is suitable for a trip all year round and is also suitable for beginners or groups who want to enjoy the challenge but do not want to start with too difficult a challenge.

The cliff has so many different routes you can choose from, which is excellent for both beginners and professionals. The activities in Ramim Cliff Include Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Hiking, and Via Ferrata, located in Manara Cliff

Via Ferrata activity makes it possible for dozens of hikers to hike together simultaneously without waiting time, which makes the experience group fun.

Experience the exhilaration of bungee swing, an extreme activity where jumpers leap backward towards the ground, similar to bungee jumping. Enjoy thrilling tours with Ashdot!

One of the most amazing things about Israel is its versatility. The entire length of Israel from north to south is 505 km (310 miles) and less than 150  kilometers from east to west. Despite being such a tiny land, Israel has all climate types except arctic and tropical

Looking for an unforgettable adventure that combines off-road exploration with Israel’s stunning natural beauty? Look no further than the Ashdot Israel Jeep Tour! With a sturdy and powerful jeep at your disposal, you’ll conquer the unique terrain of Israel and create memories that will last a lifetime

Mount Sedom lies near the south dead sea and provides a unique scenery with s very nice JEEP Tour and very soft train competing to most other JEEP Tours, which are way bumpier. Mount Sedom is actually a gigantic crystal of salt 8 kilometers long

Many families who trip to Israel are interested in doing something different they are looking to do fun, exciting and thrilling activities. This is especially true for families who stay in Jerusalem. We offer great day trips for families that include a little bit of everything: rappelling, climbing, hiking, keeping, and caving.

Jeeping in Machtesh Ramon - Imagine the thrill of navigating through the majestic landscape of Israel’s Negev Desert, discovering unique geological formations, and uncovering ancient trade routes

Nahal Kumran is one of the most attractive and touristy streams for groups of families interested in a challenging experience of cliff surfing. The reasons that Nahal Kumran is very attractive to surfers is its location. The Qumran stream is the northernmost stream in the Judean desert and the closest to the center of the country.

Nahal Tor A canyon in the Judean Desert with more than three 70-meter cliffs; advised for those with the previous rappelling in Israel or

Kedumim Quarries in Israel 17-meter-high artificial wall for rappelling, climbing, zip line, and for groups the place can turn into a rope park. combine with a walk in one of the nearby streams or a jeep trip.

Hiking and rappelling through water through an extraordinary canyon formed of volcanic rock. Contains two 20-meter waterfalls for rappelling sport.

trip to Ma'arat Hakeshet is excellent for groups and families looking for an extreme day trip in Israel, including thrill and excitement.

Canyoning in Israel. There is no activity in nature that can be compared to the excitement and the thrill that the canyon gives to the people who are rappelling through them.

Many families who trip to Israel are interested in doing something different than what they’ve done in the past. They are not interested in going to Masada or Ein Gedi again. Instead, they are looking to do fun, exciting and thrilling activities

Looking for an incredible adventure filled with both fun and meaning for your Bar Mitzvah boy? Check out Ashdot's Rappelling and Challenge Tours in Israel! Explore the countryside, zipline through the air, rappel down mountains and discover hidden caves while learning about Judaism and the land of Israel.

Rappelling in Israel: rappelling from a range of heights at different sites throughout the country. Zip-lining: an exhilarating activity of sliding along a cable from a waterfall.

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