Unleash Your Inner Adventurer with Via Ferrata – The Ultimate Adventure

Via Ferrata activity makes it possible for dozens of hikers to hike together simultaneously without waiting time, which makes the experience group fun.

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Via Ferrata in Israel best activities for a group

In Europe in particular, in this activity, a group of travelers goes on a trip on a cliff.
A cliff made accessible for a trip with the hard work of drilling anchors, ladders, culverts, safety cables, and climbing handles.
The result is amazing: a challenging trip that combines a drastic change in height, sometimes on cliffs with height differences of over 1,000 m

Via Ferrata In Israel Looking At Kiryat Shmona
Via Ferrata In Israel Looking At Kiryat Shmona
Via Ferrata In Israel Menara Cliff
Via Ferrata In Israel Menara Cliff


Via Ferrata is a common and widely accepted experiential challenge activity worldwide.

What makes Via Ferrata such a unique activity 

In contrast to the activity of climbing a cliff where high skill is required.
Extensive use and knowledge in the use of climbing equipment and top-level physical ability.
Here it is a much lower effort and ability; good ability is still required but very far from the effort and knowledge required of climbers.
The equipment required to perform the activity is a minimum helmet harness, two straps, and two rings.

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Via Ferrata In Israel Menara Kiryat Shmona
Via Ferrata In Israel Menara Kiryat Shmona

Details about the Via Ferrata route:

In addition, there are usually 2 to 3 participants in climbing activities. On the other hand, in the Via Ferrata activity, it is possible for dozens of hikers to hike together at the same time without waiting, which makes the experience group fun.
Around the world, there are Via Parte routes with different levels of difficulty and different lengths up to routes lasting several days where at the end of each day, they arrange to sleep at the point the group reached.
Our tiny country, Israel, still has no such options, but there is an experiential and challenging Via Ferrata route on a high cliff above Kiryat Shmona Ramim Cliff. The length of the route is about an hour and a half. Of course, this figure varies according to the ability and size of the group.

The veteran Ashdot company will be happy to lead your group on the route and provide you with the equipment required for this type of activity. For details, Itamar +972-522300306


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To help you decide on the appropriate activity and answer all questions, we have also put together FAQs for people also ask. For any questions and clarification regarding the routes, please leave us details, and we will be happy to get back to you with additional information relevant to your group.

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Itamar Derdik

The company "Ashdot - Rappelling and Challenge Tours in Israel" has been engaged in the field of adventure sports for over 25 years, starting in 1991. The company deals in extreme sports in Israel and manages a store for the sale of abseiling equipment.

Similar activities

Via Ferrata from the Gita Cliffs is considered a more challenging route than the Menara Cliff. Also, the course route is very horizontal compared to the one on the Menara Cliff, where we go down a steep descent and then climb it on the Via Ferrata route.

we walk on the edge of the cliff in a rocky area while we are secured to a steel cable and the equipment we wear

The cliff has so many different routes you can choose from, which is excellent for both beginners and professionals. The activities in Ramim Cliff Include Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Hiking, and Via Ferrata, located in Manara Cliff

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