Experience Adventure and Tranquility at Nachal Tur: Israel’s Best-Kept Secret

Nahal Tor A canyon in the Judean Desert with more than three 70-meter cliffs; advised for those with the previous rappelling in Israel or

Rappelling In Israel Nachal Tur

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Nachal Tur A canyon in the Judean Desert with more than three 70-meter cliffs

is advised for those with previous rappelling in Israel or rappelling experience worldwide.
Recommended season: all year except when flood warnings are issued.

Southern region – abseiling in Nahal Tor

Location: North of the Judean Desert, northern Dead Sea
Difficulty level: 4 out of 5
Duration: 6 – 8 hours
Maximum height: 75 m
Equipment required 80×2
Difficulty level 8 out of 10
Recommended season: October to May (all year round except for the harsh summer months 7-8)
Number of waterfalls: 4 at the top and three at the bottom

Nachal Tur
Nachal Tur

Nahal Tor – route description and directions

Route description: From the cliffs of Dargot, we will start with a walk of about 1 km towards the stream at the beginning of the stream. A beautiful view from the desert plateau towards the Dead Sea and the mountains of Moab. -75 You can leave the route and finish on the Dead Sea road or continue surfing in the lower part and finish on the Dead Sea road.

The Tor Stream is a canyon stream in the Judean Desert with three waterfalls, the highest of which is 70 meters, recommended for those who have already experienced abseiling.

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Nahal Tor is the third in the north of the Judean Desert after the rivers Qumran and Tamar and is suitable as abseiling in the south for people with experience. Reaching this route with two vehicles is advisable because, unlike other streams, Nahal Tor is not circular. The beginning of the route is steep cliffs. After leaving the vehicle, we will walk on the G trail Yafim to the west. After 700 m, we will turn at the fork to the north and continue on the jeep trail for another 900 m. There, we will connect to the river channel and begin to walk along it to the east for another 500 m until the channel becomes shallow into a canyon. Inside. Another detour to a waterfall on the south side, and we reached the first waterfall 50 m high. After gliding this waterfall, we will bypass another waterfall on the southern side of the stream, and immediately after it, we will surf another waterfall at a height of 55 m, most of which is negative. After we finished this short walk, we reached a waterfall at a height of 15 m at an easy and convenient angle to descend. Immediately at the bottom of it is the highest waterfall in Nahal Tor, 75 m high. After we have finished surfing this waterfall and released the ropes, we can choose between exiting the stream on a narrow path marked with rugs on the southern side of the stream or continuing to the lower part of the stream to 3 more waterfalls at heights of 8 to 25 m. The end of the route in a small parking lot, the Nahal Tor parking lot, right on the Dead Sea road, 1.2 km north of the Mtsdrot Cliffs checkpoint, a pleasant trip.

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