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Rappelling in israel

Canyons for rappelling in the north, south and center.

Choose the area in which you wish to travel and you will find a variety of rappelling trails in Israel, from the Black Canyon in Golan Heights to the Rahaf Stream, which is the southernmost canyon authorized for rappelling.
This information will help you decide which path is best for you to browse in relation to the following factors: level of difficulty, location, length of rope required, number of falls in the stream, mobile reception, whether there is water, and the option to exit in the middle of the route

11 rappeling 9

Nachal Tur

A canyon in the Judean Desert with more than three 70-meter cliffs; advised for those with the previous rappelling in Israel or

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11 rappeling 9

Nachal Tamarim

A canyon with more than four 50-meter cliffs.Recommended season for rappelling in Israel in this site: all year except when flood warnings

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