Experience the Ultimate Winter Adventure: Rappelling in Israel’s Judean Desert

A suitable and convenient season for a trip to the Judean Desert region is, without a doubt, the winter. Of course, you should check the weather to avoid the risk of floods. But in an average year, there are very few days with a risk of flooding

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Recommended seasons for Rappelling in the streams of the Judean Desert

Rappelling in Israel winter – A suitable and convenient season for a trip to the Judean Desert region is, without a doubt, the winter. Of course, you should check the weather to avoid the risk of floods. But in an average year, there are very few days with a risk of flooding. During the winter, the average temperatures hover around 20/25 degrees, comfortable temperatures and very pleasant to go outside.

Rappelling in winter in the Judean desert is highly recommended.

If you plan your winter vacation in Israel, you should consider rappelling in the Yehuda Desert. There are five certified surfing routes: the northernmost Nahal Qumran, Nahal Tamar, followed by Nahal Tor, Nahal Hattzon, and the southern Nahal Rahaf. In the article, we will focus on the Qumran stream, the most recommended stream for a winter trip. For the full route in Nahal Kumran,

You should consider a few points when planning abseiling in Qumran during winter.

  • After floods in Israel winters, the track can be very muddy and slippery for four days to 10 days (depending on how hot the days after the flood were and the terrain dried out).
  • After floods, deep ridges sometimes open, which makes surfing a wet and unpleasant experience in the temperatures that prevail in winter. In addition, you have to organize according to a wet route. The backs open and close in a cycle that is not clear and predictable. There are situations where, after a flood, the backs are deep and full for two months plus.
  • In some situations, the flood has closed the ridges, and no water is under the falls.


Gliding experience Nachal Kumran

What is better, abseiling in winter or spring?

On an abseiling trip in the winter, the water is an obstacle, and the lack of the option in the spring can be very suitable.

The temperature in spring is usually still reasonable and pleasant, especially in early spring (March April)

In years when there was a flood at the end of winter or even in spring (less common but definitely possible). You can come across ridges in good condition when they are still clear. When it is a hot day, the ridges can become a real attraction and upgrade the experience for travelers in the style of Nahal Rahaf.

An important point – abseiling in the summer season in Nahal Kumran is not recommended except for the very early morning hours.

Rappelling in Nahal Kumran in winter with the Ashdot company

Contact us now and come with us on an abseiling trip in Qumran in winter. The most suitable time for abseiling in Qumran is in the Judean Desert; the average temperature is very comfortable, visibility is very good most days during this period, and you can see the fantastic view of the Dead Sea and the mountains of Moab reflected in the Dead Sea.

You can leave us a message here on the website or call me now at 052-230-0306. See you, Itamar.

Check out various other options for challenge and abseiling activities, training days for employee groups, bar mitzvah sessions, and more. Another and no less interesting abseiling route can be found precisely in the north abseiling in the Black Canyon!

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The company "Ashdot - Rappelling and Challenge Tours in Israel" has been engaged in the field of adventure sports for over 25 years, starting in 1991. The company deals in extreme sports and manages a store for the sale of abseiling equipment.

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