Extreme activities Central Israel

Our range of challenging activities includes: cliff surfing, omega, abseiling trips in streams, jeep trips, surfing and climbing courses, ODT, challenging Bar/Bat Mitzvah trips, social activities, training days, and a rope park and meals in the field.

The variety of activities is intended for groups, families, employee committees, companies, schools and anyone looking for a challenging and fun trip.

Looking for an incredible adventure filled with both fun and meaning for your Bar Mitzvah boy? Check out Ashdot's Rappelling and Challenge Tours in Israel! Explore the countryside, zipline through the air, rappel down mountains and discover hidden caves while learning about Judaism and the land of Israel.

Looking for an unforgettable adventure that combines off-road exploration with Israel’s stunning natural beauty? Look no further than the Ashdot Israel Jeep Tour! With a sturdy and powerful jeep at your disposal, you’ll conquer the unique terrain of Israel and create memories that will last a lifetime

If you are looking for a fun and unique outdoor experience for the whole family, you should consider a trip to Shilat Cliff! It is the perfect spot for a day trip as it is easily accessible from Jerusalem

Variety of fun and thrilling activities near Jerusalem, from easy and relaxing jeep tours in the mountains of Jerusalem or at the Judean hills to challenging and EXTREME rappelling courses suitable for families who looking for a thrilling activity that would like to challenge their limits.

Experience ancient Jerusalem like never before by rappelling down its historic sites and nearby nature reserves with panoramic views for all skill levels!

Many people who come to Israel as tourists, especially those who have been to a couple of times in Israel and this is not their first time visiting Israel, are looking to do something different and exciting on their vacation. One of the best attractions Israel can offer is rappelling

Many families who trip to Israel are interested in doing something different they are looking to do fun, exciting and thrilling activities. This is especially true for families who stay in Jerusalem. We offer great day trips for families that include a little bit of everything: rappelling, climbing, hiking, keeping, and caving.

Canyoning in Israel. There is no activity in nature that can be compared to the excitement and the thrill that the canyon gives to the people who are rappelling through them.

Many families who trip to Israel are interested in doing something different than what they’ve done in the past. They are not interested in going to Masada or Ein Gedi again. Instead, they are looking to do fun, exciting and thrilling activities

Rappelling in Israel: rappelling from a range of heights at different sites throughout the country. Zip-lining: an exhilarating activity of sliding along a cable from a waterfall.

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